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View these three tabs to learn more about me and Lions Gate Portal. Or, scroll down to view my services. 

While I feel my purpose is to help people in practical ways, there is an additional healing aspect to my work. I take great pleasure in not only working with numbers but also offering advice that helps people improve their financial well-being. This ties directly to the work I did as a personal trainer, where I treated my clients with respect, attention, and dedication. I view each person’s situation as unique and I tailor a plan to fit their needs and goals. You can expect the same level of commitment and dedication from me as your financial planner. There is no greater joy in one’s career, than that of helping clients transform their lives and see them continue on a path towards living a wealthier, healthier and happier life.

In the spiritual community, the Lions Gate Portal is a mystical avenue to manifest abundance into one's life. The power of this portal incites people to set intentions using positive affirmations and meditation to visualize what they are wanting to attract into their life. 

Benefits of Working With LGP

Your financial struggles are not unique, but your dreams and plans are.

Not many are able to say they haven't had some form of financial challenges in their lifetime. I have not been immune to the need for pinching pennies and occasionally "going without" in order to meet responsibilities and attain my goals. This allows me to have insight into your situation while I work with you to create a specific plan that will help you meet your unique goals. My guidance will show you how to organize your financial matters, prioritize them by importance, and execute actions that bring your dreams to fruition.

My aim is to provide you with the tools you need to be able to make financial decisions on your own.

While you may still desire a second opinion or some added perspective on some things, I work to give you confidence in making some financial decisions on your own. Once you feel you are on the right track after working with me to create a plan, you will need me less and less. As big things come up, like starting a business or purchasing property, you'll know who to reach out to. But day-to-day things, like your insurance needs and retirement investing, will be familiar topics that you can evaluate for yourself most of the time. Through ongoing guidance and education, you’ll gain the confidence you need to make some of these decisions on your own. This is where empowerment has its biggest influence.

My desire is to help provide the inspiration to reach your financial goals.

Working with you is more than a "job" to me—it is directly linked to my purpose in life, which is to help others. Therefore, my efforts to help you reach your goals are motivated by the desire to see you not only succeed but even exceed your objectives. I will closely monitor our progress to ensure we are on track. There may be times when your goals will shift due to major life events such as a marriage or becoming a parent. I will help you find areas to be flexible and those which need to stay the course in order to align with your new circumstances. Finding inspiration in life sometimes needs nurturing. Working with me to create a plan that guides you in that direction is your best way to find it!

To me, a financial planner is like a conductor. Components of an orchestra may contain a variety of strings—brass, woodwinds and percussion. A financial plan has components also; some are more complex than others, but all are important and play a role. Just like an orchestra, personal finance can be complex too. The role of the conductor is to assure that all components are working well together, keeping an eye on efficiency and effectiveness. If a musical instrument is out of tune, the conductor will notice and correct the problem so that it becomes harmonious again. Likewise, a Financial Planner will do the same for your financial situation. You may notice that the financial journey has periods of time when the market is brisk and lively—unsure of what direction, if any, to take. At other times, your finances may seem slow and uneventful. And yet, there will be times you are celebrating the highs of economic growth and stability. But it is a dance that is played and it’s best with the right partner or conductor. 

Let's Empower You  

To Stay The Course

I offer five types of services. Please click the tabs to learn more about each of them.

Everyday, the average person will set goals and take actions to achieve them multiple times, often without even realizing it. With optimism, patience, and endurance, there is a high probability of making hopes and dreams become realities.

Lions Gate Portal FS is a place to rejuvenate your aspirations in your life through financial integrity. You can feel safe and secure in knowing that your financials will be treated with respect and utmost importance. It is a place that is comfortable and welcoming—a sanctuary per se, a no judgement zone.

Lions Gate Portal FS does not require a minimum of assets nor a particular salary. It's also not a requirement to use the Investment Management Service in order to receive investment advice. The One-Time Financial Plan and Investment Management are separate services.  I give investment advice within the One-Time Financial Plan as well as the Project Based Plan service. Financial Planning is offered as a fee-only service that can be paid hourly, a fixed fee for a project, and/or by quarterly subscription.

All are welcomed.

Your financial success is paramount!



You need some hands-on guidance on a variety of financial topics and/or you are uncomfortable with personal finance. You may not know where to begin. You understand the benefits of having a financial plan. And you are ready to learn more about the benefits of a personal strategic plan. Comprehensive Financial Plan + Ongoing Advice
Accomplish your short- and long-term goals with a financial plan where both the Financial Advisor and Client work together to take the necessary actionable steps. Learning all the while with each step taken.
You are a do-it yourself person but need a solid financial plan to work off of. Once the plan is complete, you are capable of implementing it on your own. You have the motivation and will-power to see it through. One-Time Financial Plan
Choosing a one-time financial plan will help the DIY person launch their own financial journey with the proper framework to put in action on achieving their goals and objectives.
You have been investing for at least a few years and are curious to know if your allocation is appropriate for your goals. You are only interested in getting help with your investments and maybe retirement, but are not wanting more than that. Project Based Plan
This plan focuses on one or two topics of your choosing. It will get you on track to achieve narrow, specific goals.
You need some hands-on guidance on which investment strategies are right for you. You are uncomfortable with investing on your own. You want to feel confident that your money is in good hands. 
Investment Management
Accomplish your short and long-term objectives with an investment portfolio tailored to your unique risk profile.
You’ve recently started your own business and want to make sure you’re staying ahead of any future tax liabilities. 
Project Based Plan
This would focus on Small Business Tax Planning. Feel confident once filing season comes around with a strategic tax planning approach.
You have an emotional relationship with your day-to-day finances and struggle to make long-term sustainable decisions when it comes to your financial health.Spiritual Financial Coaching
Establish healthy financial habits to better position yourself for your future.

If you are looking for a holistic approach to helping you achieve your short and long-term financial goals, the One Time Financial Plan is for you. It includes ALL of the Lion’s Gate Portal Financial Services listed below. It is a thorough look at your current situation and incorporates your goals with sound advice on how to achieve them.

Topics Usually Covered in a Comprehensive Financial Plan:

Goals and Values Assessment

Tax Efficiency Planning

Cash Flow Management

Investment Analysis & Planning

Retirement Planning

Education Planning

Estate Review

Risk Mitigation Analysis & Planning

Benefits Evaluation

Equity Compensation Planning

Inheritance or Windfalls

Charitable Planning

Those looking for guidance on one or two specific aspects of their financial interests may wish to choose Project-Based services. Many people are interested in Investment Analysis or a second opinion on their Insurance Product. A Project-Based approach allows us to take a concentrated look at tailored subjects such as Life Insurance and Annuity Products, Optimizing Employee Benefits, and unique requirements like Education Funding or Pre-Retirement Planning

There is an additional offering under project based plans focused on small business owners. 

Financial Planner | Retainer | Fairfax VA | Fee-Only | Financial Advisor | Ongoing | Financial Advice | Financial Planner |

My holistic approach is effective as a stand-alone service, but many people find they like to have ongoing support. This is an add-on service that is good for those interested in any of the following scenarios:

  • Continuous access throughout the year to assist with events “as life happens”. This may be related to things like decisions that have taxation consequences, big purchases that are unplanned, or unexpected windfalls that bring money to allocate wisely.

  • Having an advocate to help implement the plan that was designed for you. This provides help in walking through certain processes like opening a brokerage or retirement account. It also brings accountability for completing the action steps of your plan.

  • Cultivating confidence in personal finances. Many people find the various caveats and nuances in personal finance to be overwhelming. With my Ongoing Advice services, you have a teacher and guide to help you grasp them with assurance.

Investment Management is a service provided through Garrett Investment Advisors. First, We work together, as a team, to create an investment plan that meets your goals and time-horizon.  Then, LGPFS will assist in selecting an investment strategy best-suited to your unique financial situation. 

A few of the many advantages of having your investments managed by the same team responsible for your overall financial health are:

  • Consolidating your assets in one secure and convenient location

  • Managed by a CIMA® with over twenty years of investment management experience

  • Access to many strategies, including but not limited to Backdoor and Roth IRA Conversions

  • Investment management team to rebalance your account when appropriate and maintain your goal allocations

Contact Us to Learn More about Garrett Portfolios

Improving your relationship with money is more than a “quick fix” for today. With my Spiritual-Based Financial Coaching, I help you create a budget and spending plan. This is used to help in a variety of ways, such as establishing good credit, strengthening general personal finances, and reducing debt. This does not include any investment advice or other related topics covered in a comprehensive financial plan (except for those listed below).

Offering a free 1 hour online financial coaching session in 2021

Spiritual-Based Financial Coaching may include the following:

Goal Setting


Reducing Debt

Exploring Money Scripts

Creating Unique Affirmations

Establishing Savings Buckets




Money Scripts are long-held beliefs we absorb from our parents and the society we live in. They silently guide every decision that impacts us financially.

One must take a good look at that invisible influence in order to understand the power it has and to direct it in a healthier, more advantageous way.

The Financial Planning Process

Lions Gate Portal Financial Services meets virtually or in person for those living in Fairfax, VA

Please view the Pricing, Process, and FAQ tabs below.

What is financial planning?

Financial Planning can be integrated and comprehensive, where all elements of your financial affairs (like retirement planning, investments, insurance and college funding) are brought together into a coordinated, cohesive plan. Or, it can be very specific, focusing just on a single issue of importance or concern to you. In either case, financial planning is a multi-step process that provides you with two important deliverables. First, an in-depth review of your current situation (either comprehensive or specific, depending on your planning objective) and secondly, a road map that provides clear direction on how to achieve your planning goal(s). It is important to remember that financial planning is a dynamic process. The economy, your planning objectives and earned income can all change, necessitating a revisit of the road map with a financial advisor. 

Isn't financial planning just for people who have lots of money?

Any individual, couple or family seeking financial advice can benefit from our services. As an Investment Representative Advisor of Garrett Investment Advisors, we have taken a pledge to offer our services to all persons, regardless of their income or assets. We welcome clients who simply want a one-time financial review or are interested in a second opinion before making a major financial decision. Equally welcome are those persons who are seeking ongoing financial coaching and plan monitoring over a longer period of time.

Do you offer your services to businesses that would like to provide objective investment advice to their employees?

Any organization (profit or non-profit) wanting to provide unbiased, conflict of interest free advice and financial education to their employees can benefit from our services. We can also provide financial advice and coaching to rank and file employees and/or senior executives on an ongoing basis. Your employees will appreciate the fact that you have engaged an independent, fee-only atmosphere, thus eliminating the possibility of sales pressure related to product sales or bundled services.

What is "Fee-Only" financial planning and why should it be important to me?

Fee-Only financial planners are paid only by their clients. They never receive any commissions, sales incentives, bonuses or special perks paid by insurance companies or other financial service entities for selling their products. Lions Gate Portal Financial Services is a true Fee-Only financial planning avenue. Knowing this, you can approach us with the full knowledge that we will be bringing recommendations that are in your best interest only. You do not have to worry that we will need to sell you something in order to be paid for providing you advice.

How do I implement the recommendations you make for insurance or investments?

The easiest option available to you regarding investment recommendations is to let us manage your assets through Garrett Portfolios.  This can allow us to operate with discretion and manage your assets in line with your overall financial plan - all under the same roof.

Alternatively, we can provide general investment recommendations for you to implement, as well as advise on the structure of accounts and which custodian(s) you could utilize.

As far as insurance goes, we can advise you on financial products such as annuities or insurance, but we do not sell them or receive any benefit from their sale. We can recommend ethical and competent insurance agents to assist you in addressing an insurance need, or we can help you to secure coverage through the services of a no or low-load Internet-based insurance company. 

How do you price your financial planning services?

Our fees are based on the time we spend meeting with you, either in-person or over the phone, researching and analyzing your situation, and formulating our recommendations that are specific to your situation. Before you hire us, we will always provide you with a written quote of the full cost of the engagement. We fully disclose all of our fees. We offer an initial consultation, also known as the Get Acquainted Meeting, that is complimentary to prospective clients. Following the delivery of our financial plan, if you have questions or need clarification on anything we recommend, please feel free to call. We will not bill for modest amounts of additional time spent during the 30-day period after we present our recommendations to you. We realize that our plan must be understood by you to secure the necessary emotional ownership required for full implementation.

What is your investment philosophy?

We believe that relationships matter - the relationship between you and your planner, the relationship between you and your financial plan, and the relationship between your financial plan and investment management.  As such, we strive for the following:

  • Long-term focus. Investing requires patience - we don't chase trends or returns at the expense of long-term financial health.
  • Disciplined, research-driven process. Consistent, repeatable investing results in success over time.
  • Control costs.  Transaction costs, internal expenses, and tax consequences can make a significant difference over time and must be effectively and efficiently managed.
  •  Risk-management. Diversification and quality can mitigate risk and volatility.
  •  Active/Passive management. Portfolios are efficiently constructed to balance both active and passive management and combined with active portfolio decisions.

Step 1.

Schedule for a complimentary Initial Consultation.  This is a brief conversation for me to understand your current financial picture as well as your goals and aspirations. 

Step 2.

Schedule appointment for a Getting Acquainted meeting. This complimentary meeting is usually scheduled during the Initial Consultation meeting, and lasts approximately 30 minutes to an hour.

Before meeting, the following is required:

1. Review ADV's - Advisor will email to you

2. Complete Secure Questionnaire - Advisor will email you secure link to complete

Step 3.

Attend GA meeting and discuss next steps.

Step 4.

Sign Client Service Agreement and upload financial documents

Advisor will email you a list of documents needed to complete a fantastic plan for you. 



Financial Planning Hourly Fee$175
Spiritual Based Financial Coaching Hourly Fee$100
Comprehensive Financial Planstarting at $1,400
Project-Based Planstarting at $700

Investment management is offered under a tiered fee schedule, as documented below.

Total Balance


$0 - $500,0000.50%
$500,001 to $1,000,0000.40%
$1,000,001 to $2,000,0000.30%
$2,000,001 +0.20%

Getting Started is Easy

Please utilize the contact form below in order to get in touch. Or, use the Make an Appointment tab below for a complimentary 30-minute consultation. I look forward to further discussing my services.